Columbia's Omni Heat

Posted on January 14 2021

Columbia's Omni Heat

WOW! It’s 2021!  For the past several years I have been wearing Columbia's OMNI HEAT THERMAL REFLECTIVE products to keep me warm and dry when I go on my daily early morning walks and throughout the winter months. The first winter I started wearing a Columbia OMNI HEAT winter jacket, I was totally amazed at how well the product works! Those little silver dots sure did keep me toasty warm!

I typically have worn a down filled jacket in the cold Ottawa winters. I am still amazed at how warm I am when I wear my OMNI HEAT outerwear, base layers and gloves.
When Columbia introduced OMNI HEAT THERMAL REFLECTIVE technology in some of their kids winter collections I was so excited to add it to my winter gear. NOW, the majority of the jackets and snowsuits all have OMNI HEAT THERMAL REFLECTIVE TECHNOLOGY!
When you see someone sporting a Columbia Jacket with OMNI HEAT...just ask them!

Stay SAFE Canada!

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